Beijing time on October 8,, the famous American basketball expert Stephen - the western han dynasty to the rockets rookie writing the prospect of white is analyzed. In the western han dynasty opinion, although white have problems such as anxiety, but his ability is very good, so that the western han dynasty, nike air max 2010 white is expected to selected the best rookie team, at the same time can also share LinShuHao scoring pressure. This paper select as follows:This year in the NBA draft, the rockets were selected in the first round of the lamb, white and Jones, from the current situation, obviously the rockets in the draft did well. Although white have anxiety, but if he can have good state, then the new season he is expected to be in the best rookie squad win a mat.For the rockets is concerned, if all goes well, the potential of white sooner or later can be found. White has very good physical talent, and at the same time his mobile technology is also good, of course, he also has great passing technology, especially for him so figure player character, nike air max 2010 menshaving such technology is very rare, white at present already have become an influential player's condition.In the university validity period, white is shown dominant, he averaged to contribute 13.4 points and 9.3 rebounds 5.0 assists 1.2 steals and 0.9 blocked shots. Statistics from the technical side, white obviously is a complete player. With his body talent and rocket needs to see, white into the starting lineup may not need too long time.From white previous game video to see, he has a good technology, obviously he is not only confined to dry dirty work. For a big player is concerned, he has a good moving ability, it can also make him in almost any position can score. During the period of university,nike air max 2010 womens white is as an organization type striker, is responsible for the conduction ball attack more smoothly.The rockets LinShuHao offseason was introduced, the team have such operation, is obviously also hope he to join us to make the team offensive become more smoothly. Of course white also has the ability to do this. Considering the LinShuHao and Martin is that the rockets are the only reliable scorer, and white obviously can also win the opportunity to perform, to help his teammates share the scoring pressure.